We’ve been providing Local Directories online yellow and white pages for a couple of years now and they have shown a commitment to the success of their online phone book.

Local Directories serves a number of communities in Australia with a focus on serving up quality local content. The results speak for themselves. Over the course of the last 12 months the digital version of the phone book has seen increased usage and 74% of all usage is local, coming from places like Cairns, Darwin, Coffs Harbour, and the towns that make up the Sunshine Coast, to name just a few. Using our advanced tracking, we can identify that the majority of users live either in the community or one of the surrounding communities that are served by the phone books.

Simply put; local usage = local buyers.

At the same time, their directories have been accessed by users in 79 different countries around the world.  That’s something that just can’t be done with print and can drive even more business to their advertisers that service people traveling to Australia.

The other sign of success for Local Directories has been their ability to sell additional links in the online directory. 2008 has seen an increase of as much as 70% in customers wanting to add new links to the online directory. In a competitive environment, they have put together a formula that has resulted in a successful print and online directory http://localdirectories.dirxion.com.

Good on ya mates!!!

Written by Mark Thomas