Today we’re headed down to the Association of Directory Publishers Mid Year conference in San Antonio, TX.

We always enjoy meeting with our customers and industry partners while attending these conferences. The ADP conference comes at an interesting time in the Yellow Pages advertising industry. While a number of publishers are still very successful and have seen continued growth in print advertising, we have seen some that are facing decreased advertising due to economic constraints.

Advertisers continue to gain insight regarding spending their marketing dollars in print or online.  Conferences like the ADP offer independent directory publishers a chance to review what’s worked and what hasn’t. While the ADP ( does a great job of getting the word out about these meetings, there is still limited representation from the directory publisher community. There is a nice cross section of both large and small publishers at the ADP, but we know there are many directory publishers that do not attend the ADP that can still provide insight into the current environment of the yellow pages industry.

So … we want to hear from you! Are you having a tough time selling in an economic downturn? Are you selling both print and online to your advertisers? What other online products could you sell to your advertisers? Video? Audio Hotspots? Banner Ads? Adwords/SEM? Pay Per Click?

Whether you are a customer of Dirxion or not, please jump into the discussion and submit your response below.

Written by Mark Thomas