Due to recent high demand from directory, catalog, and magazine publishers who are rapidly moving from print to digital, the engineering team at Dirxion saw an immediate need for a unique piece of equipment that would facilitate current and future customers digital publishing needs in the comfort of their own offices.

We’re extremely excited and proud to introduce the highly anticipated “Upload & Go 3000”.

Using state-of-the art-technology that rivals the internals of an Atari 2600, the Upload & Go 3000 will convert your printed publication to digital format in the blink of an eye!*

You can have your publication live and digital in two easy steps!

1. Simply insert your publication into the super-charged Upload & Go 3000

2. Press the “Upload & Go” button on the side of the machine

This extremely high-tech piece of hardware will transform the digital publishing industry as we know it.

Pricing starts at $2,999

Several upgrade options available

1. Extra large slot for publications that have 1000+ pages – $999

2. “Publication Ready Lights (PRL)” (as featured) – $799

3. Upgrade 3.5″ floppy drive to 50x Beverage Holder Drive (for hot and cold drinks) – $499

Available in three different colors (light, medium, and dark beige).

Call us today to reserve your Upload & Go 3000. Supplies are limited and they’re going fast!

*By “blink of an eye”, we mean 6-8 weeks

The Upload & Go 3000 is available for directory, catalog, magazine, and other custom publications.

Written by Mark Thomas