Earlier this week, DripWorksUSA.com (leading supplier of drip irrigation and micro-irrigation supplies, and also a Dirxion customer) wanted to get the word out about their new, interactive digital catalog, and decided to send out an email announcement to their customer base.

The results were fantastic!

The day after the email was sent, they tripled, yes, tripled the traffic and page views of their site. Not only that, but people were so thrilled to use their digital edition that they keep coming back! Their traffic levels have remained consistently high all week, and the trend will probably continue in the future. Why? Because they’ve given their existing and prospective customers an extremely innovative and useful tool to use.

Email marketing can have a tremendous impact on your business because it does four things:

1. Lets the customer know you’re thinking about them (by offering special deals and/or important news).

2. Immediately drives existing customers to your website and in this case, digital edition.

3. Attracts new customers due to the “word of mouth” from existing customers (and “word of mouth” is the most desirable advertising a business could hope for!). Plus, emails can be forwarded, which means your message has the potential to go viral.

4. Increases revenue, exposure, and customer satisfaction.

Below, you’ll see a screenshot of the email that Drip Works USA sent out to their customers (click to enlarge), and notice how in the first paragraph they mentioned their new online catalog and how it links directly into the e-commerce portion of their site. They also included a nice graphical image of the book cover for people to click on as well.

If you’re not currently engaging customers via email, this serves as proof that you absolutely should be. Your customers are increasingly on the lookout for special deals and promotions due to the current economic conditions, so there hasn’t ever been a better time to target their inbox with your special deals and announcements!

If you’re interested in marketing your digital publication via email, take a look at Dirxion’s SmartMail service. And for more information, email us or call (888) 391-0202 to find out how email marketing can make a tremendous impact on your business.

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