Did you know? The first Earth Day took place in the United States on April 22, 1970, initiated by then-U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson. Events throughout the country that day attracted millions of people, who took part in demonstrations to demand that the government take action to combat pollution.

Since that day in 1970, we have made remarkable progress in cleaning up the air we breathe and the water we drink and in protecting our natural resources. Today, however, we are driven by even greater challenges … climate change and carbon emissions among the most prevalent. Fortunately, with these challenges comes opportunity – opportunity for individuals, corporations and governments to join together and create a global green economy.

What do we do here at Dirxion? Digital publishing first and foremost! Digital publications not only make for a very engaging and innovative way to read, browse and find information, they also benefit the environment immensely. Digital publishing provides a sustainable way for people to continue to get their hands on their favorite publications, while still being environmentally conscious.
We realize that there will always be a desire for the traditional printed publication; our goal is not to wipe out print altogether but to help minimize the environmental impact of printing, distribution and eventually trash.

Consider this: Digital publications are created electronically. No trees are cut to produce them. No ink is used to put the words on the page. No fossil fuel is used to run presses or power trucks to transport them around the country. No storage facilities need to be heated to store boxes of publications until they are shipped to stores. Digital publications are delivered to the end user electronically. They are read electronically. They are disposed of with a push of a delete button, without ever taking up room in a landfill.

As hard as we try, however, we cannot be completely energy free. The computer servers that process, host and serve your digital editions all consume energy.

So in addition to creating a product that drives home sustainability, Dirxion also strives to find fun and unique ways to help the environment outside it’s core business:

-We recycle just about anything we can (electronics, paper, outdated/unused CDs, food containers, soda bottles/cups, boxes, etc.).

-We give reusable water bottles and totes to all of our employees.

-We donate $1 to the Arbor Day Foundation for every digital publication we produce.

How do you contribute to a healthier environment? We’d love to hear, so either drop us a line at marketing@dirxion.com or comment below.

Happy Earth Day!

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