You betcha. Introducing the all new Mobile Directory Solution. Compact, convenient and pretty sleek, our new Mobile Directory versions offer your users a convenient, on-the-go connection to your directory information while adding significant value to your brand and advertising program.

With consumers turning to mobile devices at record levels – 6 times higher (Source: Bango Analytics) mobile website visits in December 2009 compared with the same month a year earlier to be exact) – you can see why a Mobile Directory seems like a perfect compliment to your print/online directory offering. Give people the information they need … when, where and how they need it, right? Exactly.

Our mobile directory’s intuitive and simplistic navigation was designed specifically for users on the go to be able to find your listings easier and quicker than ever before. The single box search and popular category links were designed to minimize the steps between connecting your users with your advertisers. And within the listings are several other exceptional features that publishers, advertisers and smartphone users all can appreciate.

Search Businesses
With a mobile directory, users can find local business addresses and phone numbers directly within the search results. No added steps.

Get Directions
Tap to view a local business’s location on a map. You can also use your smartphone to get driving directions.

»Mobile Map Views

Live Links
Just one click can connect your users to your advertiser’s website.

»Live Links to Business Websites

Enhanced Advertising

Reward your loyal display advertisers by giving them valuable listing positions and by including their display ads within their listing for additional business information.

»Advertiser Display Ads

Videos play directly from your ads, communicating messages with sight, sound and motion and swaying consumers in the act of shopping for a local business.

Your users are already on their phone, so it only makes sense for them to call directly from within the business listing.

Add to Contacts
Let your users save their frequently used listing details to their phone’s contacts.

All three mobile versions are powerful enhancements to your telephone directories, letting your users take the yellow pages with them to search for local plumbers, florists, restaurants, attorneys – whatever they need on the fly! With the iPhone and Android Apps, your yellow pages become even easier and faster to use when they can be downloaded to some of the world’s most popular smartphones.

What’s cool about the mobile website version is that it can be accessed using the same familiar URL as your digital edition (e.g. When consumers reach the site, our product detects access from a mobile device and adjusts the media to optimize their local business search experience for a small screen.

Now, our mobile offering might not yet be available in the form of solar powered contact lenses, but it is available in these three varieties – iPhone App, Android App and Mobile Website. Get it today.

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