Rutland Tool & Supply is one Dirxion client that is a constant reminder that a good idea is only ten percent of the battle and good old fashioned hard work and implementation make up the other 90 percent.

Rutland Tool always goes that extra mile to make sure their digital catalogs & sales flyers are a success. They’ve recently taken to social media marketing with Facebook and Twitter, creating conversations between employees and customers. Rutland’s homepage is designed to promote both their current sales flyer and digital catalog with featured products from both publications front and center on the page.

But as far as this post in concerned, we’re going to talk specifically about Rutland’s proficient use of opt-in email campaigns. For just over two years now, Rutland has been sending bi-weekly email campaigns to coincide with the release of their sales flyers. See sample below.

Email Marketing - Digital Publishing

While their message and design are both rather subtle, it’s the consistency and utilization of the email that make it so successful. A principle in modern architecture and industrial design says, “Form follows function”, so what else could you expect from a tool company. The email, as functional and industrial looking as the tools it is promoting, is there to serve as a reminder to check out the new sales flyer while also highlighting some of the discounted items, forcing prospects into the sales flyer. Once they are inside, take a look at these analytics from one of their most recent emails –

  • 194 visitors came from the email campaign in the business day it was sent.
  • Customers spent an average time of 10:51 in the catalog, viewing on average 39.28 pages.
  • Bounce rate measures the number of people that open just one page and then leave, Rutland’s email campaign bounce rate was only  3.61%. Almost 97% of the people that entered, flipped through the catalog!

When we asked Mark Palmer, Web Marketing Specialist at Rutland, what the number one contributing factor is for customers choosing to use the digital edition, he stated “People who do a lot of ordering by phone generally feel more comfortable with the digital catalog when they go to order on the web because it’s the same book. We also had a limited amount of the 2010 catalogs, so prospects or smaller customers are generally referred to the online catalog.”

Are you taking advantage of the range of promotional tactics available to create noteworthy buzz for your digital edition?

If you’re not sure, you’re probably not! Every client is different. What works for Rutland might not work as effectively for you. There are a countless ways to promote your digital edition, so if you’re unsure of where to start or you don’t know which promotional tactics are right for your company, contact Dirxion or subscribe to our blog and learn all about our marketing tips for success!

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