iPad Is The Tops In Satisfaction

The numbers from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) through the University of Michigan are in and the iPad ranked with the highest index of all Personal Computing products. Oh, and it was higher than all of the other products across all product lines … ever.  Guess that will explain my next article.

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Out of no where, everyone seems to be forcing tablets to the market (Weird, I know).  In response to the overwhelming acceptance of the iPad it seems a new tablet is being announced every day.  Here is just a short list of soon-to-be competitors of Apple’s digital publishing product with some links to articles about each –

Samsung Galaxy TabDell Streak, a Dell 7” Tablet announced but yet to be named, HP  7” Tablet and Printer Combo, The HP Slate which has been on the books for a while, ViewSonic G-Tablet, Toshiba Folio 100Blackberry “Blackpad” to be announced as early as next week, and then a slew of others from the likes of LG, Fujitsu, Archos, and HTC are all expected to be announced before year’s end.

Most of these devices will run Google’s Android OS, maybe a few will use the Google Chrome OS or possibly Windows 7 Mobile, while Blackberry’s will most obviously run on some new form of their RIM operating system.  I’m glad we have an HTML5 web version because at the rate these things are coming out in all different resolutions, sizes and operating systems the one thing they’ll have in common is a browser. Our web app products should work across the line.

Google on The Colbert Show

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, was on The Colbert Show last night. How is this related to Digital Publishing? It’s Google, they’re pertinent to everything. Enjoy

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