Okay, I’m only rewarding myself 2 points for that title wordsmithing. It was sitting right there on a tee for me.

What’s better than making a publication available on a network of 500 million people directly through the Facebook newsfeed? Answer – Making two publications available, or 22 for that matter.

This month, Dirxion’s Facebook publishing product underwent some pretty major cosmetic surgery. When the bruising cleared and the swelling subsided, publishers were left with a new, more streamlined application. The new toolbar allows us to use less of the free falling elements that pushed part of the cover page below the fold on smaller monitors and probably the most exceptional change is support for multiple publications under a single tab. Now you can save those extra tabs to highlight some of your other promotions!

Not impressed? Pfft, then you wouldn’t know good digital publishing if it friend requested you.

The tools on our digital publications continue to grow socially. The Facebook app itself allows your users to do all sorts of cool things like converse within a comments section, “like” the publication on their page and share the content with their friends as a link.

Deliver your publication to the news feed where the the potential is only as great as your content. Jump on Dirxion’s Facebook page now and share the Precious Moments catalog with the ones you love this holiday season. Be warned though, sharing these catalogs with your mom may inspire her to fill your childhood bedroom with china cabinets. It happens all the time.

A Facebook app is definitely a smart marketing decision for catalogs and magazines, one I suspect will have much success in helping monetizing your digital publications. Contact us for more information.

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