Sam Geist puts out a fantastic weekly newsletter called Quickbites. In one of his newsletters a couple weeks ago, Sam touched upon how vastly different the marketing playground is today as compared to just two years ago. His words, particularly the questions he posed at the end, really struck a chord with me.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Everyone is connected.   Everyone is a broadcaster.

There are 1 trillion urls in the Google Index today.  Twenty five per cent of the world population is now online (that’s 1.8 billion people).  Four hundred million people are now on Facebook.  Twenty-five hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.  Over 5 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store.  There are 20 million bloggers.  Four billion photos on Flickr.  Fifty-five million Tweets a day.  Sixty-seven per cent of the world’s population (5 million people) has a mobile phone. Half of all new Internet connections are now mobile.

The sheer magnitude of the numbers warrant asking yourself the most fundamental of questions-What is your plan?  How are you responding?”

I don’t know what your plan is or how you’re responding, and I’m certainly not here to give you a plan or tell you what to do. But what I can tell you is how Dirxion is responding to this rapidly changing marketplace. What we do with your digital edition might very well be a good starting point for you to stay connected to your audience, your broadcasters.

First things first; we are making every effort to make your publication(s) available across channels … Facebook, mobile, tablet device. Today, it’s all about meeting customers on the channels they want to be interacting with, where they feel comfortable, where their friends are. And just because one channel is right for Customer A, it doesn’t mean it’s right for Customer B. Our goal is to enable our publisher clients to offer an excellent experience that not only meets the primary needs of the majority of their end users, but also is available on the channels they frequent.

We’re also striving to make our digital editions as social as possible. At the moment, we have a share tool that is available in all of our digital editions. The share tool essentially allows people to share and comment about the digital edition on their favorite social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn, etc.). I’d like to note here that the sheer ability to share digital editions across the growing interconnectedness of the web by simply copying and pasting a link makes the potential for viral marketing nearly inevitable. The web has literally become a virtual playground for publishers. Social media allows real people to interact with brands on an entirely new level and market that content to their networks. That’s the true power of digital.

Two other neat features we offer are commenting and the “Like” button in our Facebook app. Everyone knows about commenting, but for those unfamiliar with the “Like” button, it’s a button (duh), which launched in April at f8, Facebook’s developer conference. It is now present on roughly 2 million sites around the web, from sports sites to news organizations and many other kinds of publishers. Since the button launched and was integrated on these millions of sites, many publishers are reporting large increases in traffic specifically due to this kind of social plugin.

The thing is, in this type of marketplace, you can’t ever stop responding. That’s why we have many things looming on the horizon and many more beyond that. A sneak peek of things to come? Oh why not.

Be on the lookout for a feature we are coining as “Actionable Pop-ups.” Where most share buttons will send your followers to a specific page, this will allow Dirxion customers to direct their social traffic back not just a particular page, but an individual item within that page of their publication, whether that be an article in their magazine or an item in their catalog.

Two other things to be on the lookout for are native apps and more social plugins (think “Like” button) for your digital edition. Stay tuned folks.

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