Do you have a catalog that would sell your products better with the use of rich, digital media – larger pictures, video, social plug-ins, etc.? Well, you’re in luck.

Dirxion client Johnny’s Selected Seeds is an employee-owned seed producer and merchant headquartered in Winslow, Maine. Their mission is to help families, friends, and communities feed one another by providing superior seeds, tools, information, and service.

This month, we worked with Johnny’s to help them give life to more than just their seeds. Just in time for Christmas, the seed producer and merchant opted to revitalize the pages of their latest virtual catalog to include over 75 video links and very nice rollovers, offering their gardening customers enhanced features and richer product information for purchasing seeds online.

Video Links }

Product Information Rollovers }

Read this note from Daria Walton, Webmaster for Johnny’s Selected Seeds:

Dear Julie and Christine:

Let me say what a pleasant experience I had working with you on our 2011 online catalog.  You guys are GREAT!

You guys are just great at what you do, and we really appreciate how quickly you put our catalog together.


The end result was so celebrated that Johnny’s insisted on launching a Facebook marketing campaign for their 2011 digital catalog. With the use of Dirxion’s Facebook App, Johnny’s has been able to push their digital catalog out to an additional 5,179 fans. The results so far? This week alone has brought Johnny’s 2010 digital catalog over 15 percent more hits than in previous weeks! And according to Daria, their digital catalog page views on Facebook are more than double the regular catalog’s page views. Seems as though Johnny’s has a green thumb in more than just seeds.

Check out Johnny’s digital catalog and see if your catalog could benefit from any of these advanced features.

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