Facebook seems to change more often than [insert Oscar host wardrobe change reference here]. That’s all I got, I don’t watch those things because I’m usually on Facebook. That, and well, I ditched my Cable package a few months back so if it’s not streaming online it’s not for me.

The “Book of Face’s” most recent undertaking consists of a lengthy list of significant design and feature changes for Pages. There are two that are of specific interest to us, as they both directly impact our customers’ Facebook App. The first is at the surface level- moving your applications from tabs up top to icons and links in the left sidebar. The second, was a more behind-the-scenes item (which you very well may not have noticed), but carries the highest potential for the future of Dirxion Facebook Apps and our growing list of Social Publishers – making it’s debut, a social publication starring Facebook iFrame apps, with cameo appearances by the API and SDK!

FBML applications are going away. Here’s a basic rundown on some significant changes we were able to make to our applications after this switch to iFrames.

New Social Publication Facebook App

So, what has been removed?

Action Required Launch Image –
Though we believe it was well designed, we’re happy to see our “Click to Open” launch image go away. Now, your publication will load to the live, page-turning version when someone is directed to the application. One less action to get your users into the publication is one more step in the right direction.

Old Facebook App Launch Image

Top Navigation Bar –
The top navigation bar has been removed and has been replaced with an interactive bookshelf below the publication.

Old Facebook Header

Embed Codes –
With FBML out, and Native iFrame apps in, this means that Dirxion has full administrative access to change your application from the Facebook Developers section. Once you’ve initially installed it, we can take care of the rest as your new publications are pushed live.

And what has been added?

Interactive Book Shelf –
No longer will you be limited to one publication per tab. With the Facebook shelf, you can choose to drop in as many of your most recent publications as you’d like. When users click the thumbnail of any of your Dirxion digital editions, the rest of the publications will slide left and right, making way for the selected publication.

Facebook App Bookshelf

Comments –
Comments existed prior to this update, but there have been some improvements made to this section. If a user clicks the comment button in the bookshelf, the thumbnails of each publication slide out and give way to a comment section. Now, comments can be maintained from the Facebook Developer’s portal as well.

Facebook Comments

Facepile –
We thought it would be good to put some faces with your name. Instead of a normal Like button or Share button, we opted to use the Facepile which will show your fans some of the other people who have liked your page, and highlight friends of theirs that share that interest.

Facebook Facepile

We will update your Facebook App as often as Facebook updates itself. As new technologies become available to us, you can be certain we will see how they can benefit you and your audience. We’re thrilled over the new opportunities the iFrame applications bring, and are always open to suggestions from our loyal clients. Visit the West Marine Facebook page to give the new Facebook App a shot, or the Dirxion Facebook page to test drive some of the others.

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