“Get your gear on!!”

“got some camping/hiking essentials and scored with the free shipping :)”

“Excellent gear!!!”

The goal of creating a good user experience for a digital catalog is creating an interface so comfortable and intuitive that the user never stops to think about the actual interface itself, but instead they become completely engaged with our client’s content and community. The user’s affinity to the brand and the customer experience that comes with it, should be passed on to the digital catalog and the interactions they have within it.

REI, one of the biggest names in outdoor recreation gear, sporting goods and apparel, has a faithful, if not die hard, following. They’ve worked hard to achieve that level of community. And, let’s be honest, it takes a certain kind of dedication and drive for these people to wake up early and hike a mountain or kayak through raging rapids. REI does a great job of transferring that devotion to adventure into devotion for REI.  These people aren’t exactly your vapid, impulse buyers. They have high expectations for the brand, their products, and everything they attach their name to. So when it came time to create a digital publishing strategy, giving REI’s catalog a 2.0 upgrade, we were anxious to see what their customers would say.

“picked out a slew of new gear for the fam, bags, packs, pads, tents and boots yeah baby!!”

“Yes! Getting ready to head to Brentwood REI right now to load up on edibles and gadgets for the eagerly-anticipated backpack this weekend to Walls of Jericho! Hmmm… intro overnight backpack… how much new stuff can we justify ?? ;-)”

“REI and I have such a love/hate relationship. I love all the gear and good deals, but HATE that I’m going to be broke after this sale! lol”

“Had another great experience at REI. Have bike will travel!”

“I think this was a good decision to become a member at REI only $20.00 for a lifetime membership plus other beni’s. So i will see; lets go hiking anybody in Seattle want to go to Natl. Rainbow gathering in Wa. state; lets talk.”


“In the market for a new Backpack very interested in the REI Venturi 45 Pack.”

“I can’t wait to have money and buy lots of things. Me in the store “I want this, and this and that!” One day!!!”

Mission accomplished. Well, the truth is of nearly 50 comments on the app page thus far, just one comment mentioned our User Interface…

“Great page! Never seen an interactive catalog on FB before.”

Technically all you should read is REI fanfare. If we did our jobs poorly there is no doubt you’d find protests of shoddy work interspersed between the brand’s praises.  But we’re not going to lie, we’ll take the occasional compliment. Overall, we’ll chalk this one up to a user experience victory.

Find REI’s Anniversary Sale Digital Catalog here, or check out the app on the REI Facebook Page.

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