Here’s a classic example of a company that has put together a sales campaign combined with their full effort into making it a success.  Hanson Directories provides yellow page directory publications to rural telephone companies throughout the U.S.  In the last few months they have started offering their advertisers mobile marketing solutions.  In a nut shell, mobile marketing uses SMS to send a keyword to a 5 digit number (Short Code).  For quite a few years, we’ve seen this technology used on American Idol to vote for your favorite, but only recently has this form of advertising opened up for small businesses that are typically served by yellow page publishers.  So now Sal’s Pizza can have users text the keyword “slice” to 55599 and get a coupon for a buy one slice get one free.  Seems like a delicious idea and a great way to stay connected with your customers.

There’s only one problem, what if the advertiser that is paying for the keyword never promotes it?  They don’t put it up in their store, fail to put it in there advertising, and the keyword never gets used.  You can bet that customer won’t be back in year two.  Hanson is tackling advertiser apathy on many fronts.  First, they are providing valuable information to the advertiser so they can promote the service.  Next, they are putting the keyword in the advertisement in their directories.  Finally, and this is where Dirxion comes in, they are adding banners to their online directories.  They are now placing two banners above the pages of the directory.  What’s truly special about the banners is that the one on the upper right can be set to match the advertisers category.  In other words, a carpet installation company that has purchased a keyword from Hanson will also be the only banner advertiser in any section of the directory related to carpets.  Check it out for yourself here.

We love to see this proactive approach from our customers and continue to do everything allowable by Google law to drive more users to their site and in turn their advertisers get more keyword text messages.  If you are already a customer of Dirxion and haven’t tried mobile marketing, we can get you started.  If you are already selling a mobile marketing service, send us your keyword banners and we’ll add them to your online directory.

Written by Mark Thomas