1. You’re wondering what it means to you now that Dirxion has acquired Immersifind. Simply put we are now the only one stop shop for online digital directories, local search platforms, and a comprehensive suite of online services you can sell to your advertisers.

2. AdClix is catching on like wildfire with directory publishers. It’s a proven system that helps existing advertisers and new advertisers show up in the Google Places results. Did I mention new advertisers???

3. IMF 2.0 is generating millions in online revenue for yellow page publishers. That’s right, I said millions. With a fully trained team that’s dedicated to selling into the online local search platform, there’s no reason your company can’t do the same thing.

4. iPad and Mobile Solutions. We’ve rolled out new mobile web and native apps to various publisher customers. Combined we have over 60 iPhone and iPad apps in the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace.

5. Web Mobile Social. This powerful sales tool gives publishers the ability to create websites and then convert them to mobile ready versions and build a Facebook business profile page at the same time. With over 800 Million users, your advertisers need to be there. You should be the one that makes it possible.

6. We’re Still Supporting The Print Directory. In case you were wondering, yes we continue to support the print directory with our state of the art digital directory. You spend a lot of time and effort creating the print directory and let’s face it, it’s still your bread and butter. So it should be presented in exactly the same format to a wider audience online.

It’s up to you now. We’ll be right in the middle of the trade show in booths 17 & 18, so there’s no excuse not to come by and find out exactly how we can drive new online revenue and help you retain your existing advertisers. Oh and one more reason, Rudy will be there and for some of you, that’s reason enough. See you there!!!

Written by Mark Thomas