As you consider the layout of your home page, how does it best serve your end user? Google’s dominance of the internet relates back to their focus on how people use their search engine. For a Local Search site, you should be looking to connect your advertisers with potential buyers in your market. That being said, the users are the buyers, so let’s focus on how we make the user experience better. We’ve done that with overhauls on the listing results page and the business profile pages. Our next step will be an improved home page and overall site design.

However, these things take time and there are changes you can make right now that will help your customers navigate the site. One area is the category footer links at the bottom of the page. While footer links are not generally considered valuable for SEO, they are still very important for helping the user navigate the site effectively. The easier time they have with the site, the more time they will spend on it, which does leads to more exposure for your advertisers. Take a look at your footer links. Are they the same for every market? Are you trying to compete in the categories for restaurants, attorneys, and similar hyper competitive categories?

Maybe it’s time to make some changes to your footer links. Go for some home improvement categories and maybe change them seasonally. Also make sure your footer links lead to categories with plenty of advertisers. Why send a user to a category with no advertisers? I would recommend adjusting these footer links up to four times per year. It’s simple to do just by contacting your Publisher Services Manager.

Written by Mark Thomas