Why should a small to medium sized business use social media power? The main reason, as is affirmed right here, is free marketing! Social Media marketing is important because it’s a businesses bridge to existing and potential customers. For instance, on Facebook a business can offer deals if you like their page. On Twitter, you can encourage followers to engage, by running contests. In addition, a business is showcasing their brand and promoting positive word of mouth. While you’re not face to face, you can still have a conversation with customers, allowing a Q&A session on your Facebook/Twitter page. This also adds a bit of personality to a business! Just be sure that whomever is in charge of the social networks, expresses the right feeling with the company’s brand.

Figuring out which social media sites to utilize can be tricky, but it is important. Your social medium depends on your business and which direction you want to go. Here’s a breakdown of the top five social sites and how your business can benefit:

1. Facebook is still the most popular and fastest growing social network. If your business organizes events, Facebook is a great place to start by utilizing it to send out invitations and as a bonus, customers can invite their friends to events. If you’re looking to build your audience, Facebook has target audience advertising, it’s a great way to connect based on interests, demographics, age, etc .

2. Twitter allows for quick and easy communication. With a limit of 140 characters, a simple tweet can go viral in no time. Posting tweets is great, but the real time interaction with customers, will likely benefit you the most. Follow Twitter handles that post content pertaining to your business, then retweet those interesting articles! Brand recognition will enhance as you become more interactive on Twitter. It is the best advertising for roofing companies.

3. Linkedin helps individuals and companies build a relationship and maintain it. It’s an online network for people to connect to each other for professional reasons. Linkedin’s profile page resembles a work resume where you include work experience, skills and expertise and education. While there is no real time communication Linkedin’s networking tools can help you achieve your professional goals! Business owners, if you’re searching for that right person, you can passively search for qualified job candidates.

4. Pinterest. Ah, what can I say, my favorite site. After creating a business profile, let your creative edge fly! Everyone loves to browse products, so create boards that target a specific topic like traveling or recipes. Pin your products to these boards, but don’t stop there. Show what inspires them, create boards for the ideas, places and values behind your brand.

5. Instagram lets your create your own window shop. Share your photos on Instagram and try to get followers involved by asking them questions. Go behind the scenes and show how your product is made, people love the experience of a backstage pass! Have fans submit photos creatively (via hashtag) using your products, in return you’re engaging followers and bringing new ideas to the company! Instagram follower automation is a good idea.



Written by Julia Pinski