Recently, I stumbled upon this article ‘To Free or Not to Free E-Newspaper’ by Ken Blum. (Ken is the publisher of Butterfly Publications. He also puts out a free newsletter, Black Inklings. You can subscribe by emailing Ken at

The article discusses the options for online subscription prices, subscribers inside and outside the market, and the format in which the e-Newspaper is delivered and preferred. For this article, I’m going to focus on the importance of the delivery format, plain text and ‘look-and-feel’. Plain text is simply just text and personally, I can’t imagine a newspaper without the ads or pictures, especially in the comic and sports section!

Newspaper print still rules, but as technology continues to grow, more and more people are switching to the e-Newspaper. To ensure a smooth transition for the user, the digital edition should have the same look-and-feel as the print. You still get that ‘ink on your fingers’ feeling, only you aren’t leaving newsprint smudges all over the house. That’s not the only reason the look-and-feel is the better option. From a business stand point, it makes sense, “70 percent to 80 percent of a paid newspaper’s revenue comes from advertising in print” ( which makes going with the look-and-feel e-Newspaper a wise investment.

Whether you charge for the e-Newspaper or allow subscribers to have free access, the user experience will determine if the reader comes back. The customer already loves the print version, why not provide digital news delivery through an interactive presentation of your printed publication? Find out more and receive a free Dirxion demo by going to or you can contact us at

Written by Julia Pinski