Does the digital industry have a fashion sense? You bet! Digital trends change every year just like the Vogue runway shows. As we enter the second quarter Digital trends for 2014 are going in the direction we thought they would go; a simplistic clean look targeting smaller screen sizes. This minimalistic design that emphasizes usability is also known as Flat UI. Flat UI removes 3D elements such as shadows, bevels, gradients and effects. The big names leading this venture are Twitter, Apple’s iOS7, Tumblr and Google Play Store.


What makes this design so popular? It’s catchy style is visually appealing and the minimalistic interface is friendly on all device sizes! Here is a great example. The icon on the left is the old Safari icon, the icon on the right is the new Safari Flat UI icon.


If you are wanting to catch up to 2014 design trends here are a few tips to start with. One of the most important parts of designing a Flat UI interface is defining the color palette. Flat UI color schemes tend to be brighter and bolder. Use your brands main color, but don’t overuse it. Buttons should be easily clickable for touch screens and when viewing on a mobile device the website should be viewed in full width. The typography should be clear and legible text. Remember to leave out the gradients and include as many css based shapes rather than relying on images for loading.

In late 2013 our website was redesigned to the Flat UI. A good visual representation is our website

Written by Julia Pinski