The ‘flat UI’ trend emerged a little over a year ago. You may have heard people speak about it, or maybe glanced at a blog post that mentioned it, but you may be wondering what it is and how it became so popular?

Don’t get me wrong I love the 90’s, but the ‘has been’ flashy illustrations and animations are overkill and long loading. Next came skeumorphic design, design that is taken from the real world, a good example of this is iOS6’s bookshelf. I mean, Apple’s bookshelf has woodgrain, shadows and looks like a bookshelf you would see in your neighborhood book store. And just like most trends, this one hit the skids when Apple released iOS7. They introduced the concept of a flat user interface. A simple and effective technique, that literally flattens the image and uses bright, solid colors.

Flat Design is pure and simple. It’s easier on the eyes, but more importantly, it’s responsive, and can be easily seen on a range of computers and devices.

In keeping with the trends, you’ll notice that our Compass Solution utilizes flat design. It emphasizes usability with clean open space, crisp edges and a two-dimensional illustration. The rich mobile user experience tops the charts! We’ve incorporated a new mobile menu, allowing room for more buttons and features to appear on a smartphone. This is just a small snippet of our new powerful Compass Solution. One of our first customers to take advantage of all the new features is Ballard Designs. From here I’ll let the experience take you away.

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Written by Julia Pinski