At times, there are cost savings by producing a digital publication in house. Maybe your publication is on the smaller side and doesn’t come out that often. So, a few hours a year, for one of your IT team members — we’ll call him Glenn — to work on it is not a big cost. But, what happens to Glenn when the catalog, magazine, or newspaper is a little more frequent and more substantial in size. How about linking options? Are you going to want Glenn to manually go through the catalog and link hundreds of SKUs or images every few months? YIKES! That’s a lot more time invested.

Assuming all goes well, Glenn can get the publication up and hosted, then forget about it. But, all is not well in the internet world. Suddenly, people start calling in to say they can’t get access to the digital publication on their computer and Glenn is called in to troubleshoot. That conversation goes something like this, “Yes sir, and what kind of PC do you have? Okay, and what browser and operating system are you using?” But wait, then IE and Chrome release security updates to their browsers (OH MY!) and suddenly your publication won’t open (FRIGHTFUL)! So, you call in Glenn. Next up is sales requesting a specific interface feature that simply isn’t available. Then, the scariest thing happens, your CEO sends an email trying to understand why they can’t access the publication on their tablet during an important presentation. Before you know it Glenn is in a terrible pickle, resembling this:

Glenn’s no good, very bad day was totally avoidable. Simply send us your PDFs and let us do the work. Our customers digital publications are being updated on a regular basis to account for the constant change OS and browser updates bring. Not to mention, the new elements we continue to develop at the request of both customers and users. Besides, doesn’t Glenn have something more important to do?

Happy Halloween!

Written by Mark Thomas