You’re new digital catalog can be a new, all purpose tool! Once your digital catalog is ready our Publishing Specialists are here to guide you through possible key usage and placement.

Placement is everything! There are several different ways you can implement your digital catalog. MSC strives for great customer service, and an important part is ensuring that purchases are fast and easy. Because of this, they added The Big Book as a quick and convenient tab to their website.


Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to to grow your business. Channel traffic by sending out an email featuring your latest digital catalog. Our friends at REI do this periodically. Their Gear Mail members receive an exclusive preview of sales. Here’s a snippet of the email:


Lastly, don’t forget to blog it! If you have a blog, it is a wonderful tool for showcasing your digital publication’s custom features or informing customers about new, updated pages. Your customer relationships will become more enriched with blogging and sharing each blog post on all your social media outlets will boost SEO!

These are just a few ways customers are implementing their digital publication. For more information please reach out to us via email or call us 888.391.0202.

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Written by Julia Pinski