Facebook is the most popular social media site with 1.35 billion active users! Your business is most likely on Facebook, where is your digital publication in the social media landscape? Your social media efforts go into building a bigger following, a bigger audience on Facebook, so why not put your publication on the main social stage?

By placing your digital catalog in a Facebook application, users can stay engaged while on a familiar platform, never leaving your unique social brand. A Facebook app is a great option that is simple yet effective. When you update your digital catalog on Facebook, you could write a quick status update, allowing users to go check it out in real time.

Adding your catalog to Facebook gives you an opportunity to drive more fans to your products on your e-commerce site. Since the app works just like our digital catalog interface, linking and adding detail windows is a cinch.

It’s time to get social. Let us help.

Facebook Crutchfield

Written by Julia Pinski