We’re celebrating Earth Day, this marks the 45th year it’s been nationally recognized. In 1996, Dirxion advocated to help make the planet a little greener. We knew print was too important to disappear, but if we could help companies eliminate some of their print by offering a digital product, our green mark would get a little bigger. In the past year, we’ve digitized close to a million pages, I’d say that is a lot of trees. And that is just in one year, imagine what we’ve done in the past 19 years!

We’re still on the green track, every year we try to add something new. From adding small green touches to our website (www.dirxion.com) to getting rid of the vending machine and have a self serve vending area. We also share books in our community library, eliminate screen savers, recycle, and have plants everywhere! What green changes will you make this week?

Calling Dirxion should be one of them! Go green today and show mother nature some love!


Written by Julia Pinski