Simply stated, a widget is anything that can be put “on top” of a web page. Now the technical definition, it is a rich media application that can be embedded onto a page within your digital publication adding more value.

Grab a user’s attention and engage them with the widget of your choice. It can be as simple as an image ad showcasing a sale, new product or even a discount code. Ballard Design makes great use out of their ad widget by including a special offer on page 2 that they can update at any time. For a more interactive ad, you could use a video in your widget, much like the Dublin, Ohio Visitor and Event Guide. After scrolling through a couple pages, you can see the interactive video they created. Makes you want to dance a jig and drink a pint!

R Stahl uses ad widgets to connect with their customers offering live chat. Dollar Tree promotes coupons and uses the widget to present terms and details. So clever

If you’re considering an ad widget, first find a size that works best for your product. For the best viewing experience we recommend the following dimensions: The prime sizes for desktop are 249 pixels x 600 pixels , 1566px x 600px, 249px x 929px, and 643px x 832px. The best size for a tablet is 600px x700px. And for a smartphone 250px x 250px usually has the best resolution. Second, decide if you want to host the widget or simply send us an image. Finally, think about what you want the widget to do. These are just guidelines though, if you would like to discuss further, we are more than happy to chat!

Take your digital publication to the next level and give users a fuller experience with an ad widget. Call our friendly sales team at 888.391.0202 or email at and they can help get you started.


Written by Julia Pinski