Sometimes, Google discontinues products which customers find really useful. Recently, they started alerting catalog publishers about discontinuing their digital catalog production later this year, some time in August. By the time that date rolls around, some of you may be out of luck with where to host and produce your digital publication. While no public announcement has been made, there has been an email circulating with some of the following information:

The Google Catalogs publishing service will be permanently discontinued on August 4, 2015, with any published material or embedded hosted material remaining live until this time. However, support will end on May 4, 2015. This includes assistance with catalog creation, help with website embedding, and answering other support related questions.

Online catalogs have become an increasingly important part of your online store and the end of Google’s catalog self-serve product may have caught some by surprise. Hopefully, you knew about the shutdown, but you may not be aware of a wonderful promotion we have for existing Google Catalog customers. We want to provide you with an opportunity to try the Dirxion Compass Digital Catalog without making a long term commitment. And we are introducing a one-time Proof of Concept opportunity to you, right now!

This allows you to experience how a full-service provider presents the digital catalog to your online shoppers and witness the performance improvement of a Dirxion Compass publication. From helping you pronounce Dirxion (it’s pronounced dīˈrekSH(ə)n, by the way) to providing performance feedback, we do it all.


Google Catalogs and Dirxion are not created equal. Do-It-Yourself software will always have it’s place, but can limit the possibilities and customization that current tech allows. From the very beginning in 1996 we set out to make an innovative custom product with our strong development and production teams. You may not see our developers front and center, but they are hard at work staying ahead of the industry and creating new features! All you have to do is sit-back, relax and enjoy the ride.

You’ll still be able to get many great online products from Google, but a digital catalog will no longer be one of them.  Don’t get caught up in the uncertainty of trying out a new DIY. We hope you take this opportunity to go in a new Dirxion.


Written by Mari Barringer