Nordson has introduced their Replacement Parts Catalog featuring Yuengling on the cover! We noticed because we’re just a little into craft beer here.

Back to the catalog at hand, Nordson is launching their Replacement Parts for Adhesive Equipment Catalog. Inside you will find thousands of replacement parts for adhesive machinery. Did you know Nordson is the word leader in the packaging industry? Products you use everyday have most likely been sealed by Nordson machinery and adhesives.

Nordson is extending their brand by creating an online catalog utilizing Dirxion’s Compass product. You can use the filtered search to hone in on your exact needs, create an order list with the products you want and request a quote, all with a few clicks. Nordson even added a desktop shortcut option, so that your business needs are at your fingertips. Visit the Nordson Replacement Parts catalog and call Dirxion with any digital publishing needs!


Written by Julia Pinski