Dirxion thrives on our commitment to customer service and we want this to be the easiest decision you have ever made. Whether you have just left your current digital solution or you are finally ready to embark on a new journey for your first digital publication, we will provide you with all the information to make your big move that much smoother. We have six simple steps that cover exactly what the process will be once you decide to use Dirxion as your digital solution.

Step 1. We’ll match you up with one of our customer success project coordinators. With a combined experience of over 40 years (we’ll explain below), these folks know how to make things happen.

Step 2. Once we receive the files you will have one of our seasoned production engineers custom build your interface to match your company/brand and create your first digital publication.

Step 3. The proofing process is very easy once we send you the proof link. Our Quality Assurance team has already checked everything you can possibly think of to make sure that once you get it in your hand it is ready to launch. You will also participate in the review process and send us any changes/edits you feel necessary. We want this to be exactly what you imagined when you ​chose​ ​to work with us​.

Step 4. We are more than halfway finished. Now we want you to pick a URL or CNAME where your digital catalog will live. This will make it easy for your customers and clients to find your new dynamic ​publication on desktop, laptop or mobile devices.

Step 5. Our great marketing team will provide you with some extra brand name awareness. We want everyone to see your new digital publication, so we post on all of our social media outlets and we will also put up a blog post to reach our followers. Your success is our success.

Step 6.

​When you’re ready for launch we will set up your analytics so you can track the growth of your publication. We’ll review together the key performance indicators and schedule reports you need to show ROI.

Six simple steps to Dirxion. We cannot wait to have you onboard!


Written by Corey McCarthy