Happy October 21, 2015, or Back to the Future Day! While I like to consider myself a Back to the Future know-it-all (my brothers and I would watch the original movie, repeatedly, every Saturday), I have to admit that Back to the Future II, was not one of my favorites. I think I watched it a total of two times in my life and remembering the movie word-for-word is not part of my forte. 2015 Future Biff was scarier than 1955 Bully Biff, Biff’s World gave me the creeps and traveling back to 1955 from 2015 and then to 1985 was more mind wracking than I could handle (being 8 years old at the time, I could barely handle brushing my teeth). The one thing I do remember though from the second sequel is the way that 2015 was represented. With gadgets, fashion, cars and more, BTTF2 had us all guessing what was going to happen in the future. Would it be as cool as was predicted – minus the double tiewhat was with that Future Marty?

By now, you have probably read many articles based around Back to the Future Day and all of the predictions the movie guessed correctly. But, how correct were they and do some of the items we saw with Marty in 2015 lack what has actually been created in our present day 2015? Moreover, what products did they miss?

Present Day Smartphones and Tablets
While BTTF2 correctly predicted some tech ideas we see today, they never discussed the idea of a smartphone or tablet. These two products are something that we could not even fathom in the 1980’s. And the video calling that the movie predicts, while pretty accurate, is nothing compared to the likes of Facetime or Google Hangouts that we use today. Not to mention how easy it is for my toddlers to use when calling Grandma.

BTTF2 Cars – vs – Present Day 2015 Cars
I still think the most prominent scene in BTTF2 (besides realizing Jennifer changed dramatically) was when Doc, Marty, and Jen were FLYING IN A CAR to the future. All of the cars flying around downtown Hill Valley had us completely jealous that our Chevrolet Citation couldn’t hover above and fly over the slow moving Toyota Tercel in front of us. Those flying cars were incredible, but you cannot deny that they were super ugly. While we cannot fly in our cars just yet, we also don’t look as goofy getting out of Griff Tannen’s 2015 BMW.

Hoverboard – vs – Glidr
Marty’s hoverboard was awesome. The idea of having it, is still awesome and someday (maybe soon?) we will probably see a product that is close to it. But we currently have nothing to compare the hoverboard too. So we chose the Glidr. While it still has wheels, you still get around incredibly fast and smooth, and that it is almost like hovering.

BTTF2 Virtual Reality – vs – Oculus Rift
I’ll just say it, future Marty looks ridiculous in his virtual reality glasses. But, I cannot really say that those using the Oculus Rift do not look just as goofy. While we won’t discuss the fact that BTTF2 correctly guessed phone glasses (ugh, Google Glass). We have to imagine that the technology and realness of Oculus virtual reality have to be ions better than what Marty is viewing.

BTTF2 Grays Sports Almanac
We can’t help but notice that the creators of BTTF2 missed when they thought of the role Grays Sports Almanac would have in 2015. Many sports questions come to mind from the movie (eh hem, Cubs winning the World Series), but while sports almanacs are around today, we like to think that they would be a digital catalog instead of a printed edition. And of course, they would have chosen Dirxion for all of their digital publishing needs.

Just a couple thoughts on Back to the Future Day. If you need me, I’ll be watching Back to the Future II for the third time in my life, still wondering about that double tie and wishing I had a dehydrated pizza that looked as good as the McFlys.

Written by Mari Barringer