We can’t really call this a year in review, because the projects we do for our customers have an ongoing, long-term value, and to classify them as in the past, doesn’t do the work justice. That said, we created some great new functionality and added elements to our products that met both specific customer needs and served users as a whole.  We get really excited when talking about them, but listing all those items here in one place might be a bit overwhelming. Maybe, it’s better to classify how we helped and continue to serve a few customer types.

Let’s start with our retailers that produce a high quality print catalog. Our retailers saw increased page views and product clicks by bringing more elements of their existing e-commerce sites directly into the digital catalog. We make a point to be as tightly integrated with our customers sites as possible.

Our B-to-B catalog customers have placed a large emphasis on usage across all user groups. Special tools have been taken advantage of by sales teams to give them a selling advantage when using the catalog. New ways to feature their videos and foreign language catalogs were also introduced.

Dirxion is always on the lookout for new trends on how to engage users, so we enhanced the e-Edition newspaper archive experience and rolled out unique ways for our local search platform customers to generate great local content. Publishers taking advantage of these tools and integrating their digital directories have seen their visitors spending more time on the site and an overall increase in traffic.

If you didn’t get started with Dirxion in 2015, this year presents a great opportunity to take advantage of what we’ve done in the past and the exciting new projects we are working on for this year.

Written by Mark Thomas