The cold, metal air brushes against Joe’s cheeks as he begins his work day. The sound of heavy boots echo through the industrial building. Just as he flips the switch — ZAP — a light goes out, 100 feet above him. Joe quickly reaches into the bag he is carrying and feels an instant sigh of relief as he finds his iPad. He knows that he can find the replacement light fixture in about five minutes by searching the digital catalog filled with industrial lighting. Joe orders the light he needs, pays for it right then (through a seamless e-commerce tool) and moves about his day.



It’s important to supply your customers with a quick reference tool to help keep operations running smoothly. By providing a digital catalog, teams all over the commercial lighting industry, can shine a light on efficiency in their workplace by creating and placing orders on any device at any time. Dirxion gives you and your customers the opportunity to order sustainable products from a sustainable, digital catalog.


Written by Mari Barringer