We know that you already have an amazing print catalog, that is the anchor to your brand. But why not give it that extra flavor, that extra ingredient associated with your catalog using a new method of delivery…go digital!

It’s all about expanding the way people use your product. While we know that most businesses send their catalogs via USPS, you could also offer it to customers easily with a digital publication or there is also the option to deliver your pages in a native app.

By going digital, your reach grows even further. Your publication becomes social network friendly – connect to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Utilizing the Facebook app, you can showcase your whole catalog on your Facebook page, connecting products and pages in one place. Consumers can start to share your products, catalog pages, or even entire catalogs throughout the social spectrum, becoming yet another way to circulate your brand.

Dirxion has been producing digital publications for almost 20 years, and we offer top notch customer service. Our sales team will provide a step by step experience guiding you through all the small details. If you’re ready to find out more information (with no commitment) contact our friendly sales team today.

Written by Julia Pinski