The automotive parts world is vast, overwhelming, and time sensitive when it comes to searching for products. Users rely on the seller to provide a large amount of information as quickly as possible to identify the perfect fit for every project. Pairing digital catalogs with print and in-store options are a perfect solution to reduce wasted time and keep customers engaged.

CRC prides itself on being a leader in the DIY market. With the bookshelf of online catalogs we created for them, they provide users with a wide range of catalogs, sell sheets, and brochures in one convenient location. This helps users across all their product lines make informed purchase decisions.

Similarly, Obsolete & Classic Auto Parts wanted to insure their online presence conveyed the same usefulness that customers receive when they call in using the print catalog. Their shoppable interactive catalogs gives both Ford and Chevy owners the best and most comprehensive online library of classic parts.

Napa recognized the need for a multi channel approach for their monthly promotions. A customer needs to quickly locate merchandise specials and their online catalog offers a clean, fast and responsive navigator to find options and make the correct choice.

Shift gears and accelerate your digital catalog with Dirxion Compass. We’ve been producing digital publications for almost 20 years, and we offer top notch customer service. Our sales team will provide a step by step experience guiding you through all the small details. If you’re ready to find out more information (with no commitment) contact our friendly sales team today.

Written by gregcross