As a sales rep, imagine walking through the halls of a laboratory, beakers and microscopes are abundant and every person you encounter is wearing masks, gloves, and protective gear from head to toe. Sounds like something out of a movie, right? Well, this is the everyday environment for a Lab Equipment Sales team and it’s not easy.

With tablet in hand, you’re ready to discuss new products and create an order list. But first to accommodate the sterilization needed for lab surroundings you need to take out sanitizer to clean your hands and wipe off the tablet. Lab experts know that you see many different types of businesses so when they see you taking extra steps to adapt to their unique work space, it will convey a level of professionalism and understanding of their needs.

Aside from creating a knowledgeable and professional appearance, the digital catalogs and bookshelf will make the entire sales experience a breeze for you and your customers. Sales teams have enough to worry about; knowing all the details of each individual product, how it works, how to demonstrate it and being up to speed with all the terminology associated with their industry, worrying about where they can find the most current print collateral, finding the physical catalog, or a particular item within the catalog. Having a bookshelf with easy navigation and quick reference points eliminates that stress and helps to reduce everyday problems in the field. Why lug around large physical catalogs or scroll through a library of pdf’s when you can use the online catalog bookshelf search and find everything at the touch of a screen? Having a central location, right on your iPad or laptop, to access marketing material or product information will give you the power to quickly search and answer any questions your customers might have.

Digital catalogs with a bookshelf will help you always look prepared and informed so you can focus your time on demonstrating great products! Contact us to schedule an overview of features you won’t find anywhere else.

Written by gregcross