An online publication is essential to keep your customers and clients in the know! When you have several publications our robust bookshelf is necessary for organization. This central location serves as a hotspot for users to filter, share and search through several publications at one time. While the bookshelf is amazing for external use it can be utilized internally to maintain a central location for things such as marketing collateral, newsletters, magazines and much more. If there’s a need to keep external and internal literature separate we have a multi-bookshelf solution. In fact, HD Supply has ten different bookshelfs!

A bookshelf with easy navigation and quick reference points eliminates stress and helps to reduce everyday problems for your team. A bookshelf of literature, provides users with a wide range of collateral including catalogs, sell sheets, newsletters, magazines and brochures in one convenient location. If users know it’s available it will be the one resource they go to, habitually. That equates to more people looking and engaging at the collateral.

Don’t have your team digging around the network for pieces of literature they can’t find. Give them quick access to all the literature they need in one central location with features to hone in on their specific needs. Let us help you get organized! Contact us to find out more and schedule a free demo.


Written by Julia Pinski