Take your online publication to the next level and give users a fuller experience with an ad widget. Widgets can be used in a multitude of ways and will grab a user’s attention. Consider implementing an ad widget to promote a featured advertiser, alert customers of a sale, showcase a product, or encourage customers to fill out a form. The possibilities are endless!

Brady made great use of their ad widget! When browsing through their catalog certain pages trigger different widgets to appear. These widgets offer anything from a PDF downloadable promotional piece to product announcements. Schoolhouse Electric keeps it simple and clean. After browsing their Schoolhouse Electric catalog for 15 seconds a ‘request a catalog’ widget appears.

Offer your users a little guidance like Ferguson. The best feature of the Ferguson catalog is that users can create and email a list of products directly to their salesman. Boom! Now, that’s convenience. Everyone loves a good discount, Chico’s ad widget offers a 20% discount if you sign up for emails. EIS gives their preferred customers prime real estate in a rotating widget.

Using ad widgets gives you a great opportunity to increase revenue or simply create more value for your advertisers. Contact us to get more information on ad widgets.


Written by Julia Pinski