In the quiet of your office, working after everyone else has gone home, you take a look at the sales results from the latest catalog and there it is, GOOOAAAALLLLL!!! The cleaning crew is a little startled at your reaction, but the extra information you sent to Dirxion along with the catalog pages has paid off. Now you can attend the campaign summary meeting tomorrow morning with a clear ROI statement simply because you appended each product link with a unique campaign ID.

Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, or one of the other e-commerce tracking options generally allow you
to create individual campaigns for tracking their performance. As is the case with Google Analytics, most of these options give you a tool to create unique parameters to add to your URL’s. When the Fall 2016 Catalog is ready to go online, you can use something like the Google URL Builder to create the appropriate add-on to your existing product URL. The result should look something like this, source=catalog&utm_campaign=lightingcatalogsupplement

When added to the catalog product links you can track the exact revenue coming out of the each digital catalog. Looking at the Conversions section in Google Analytics, you should see something like this.

Online Catalog ROI

Finally you go home for the evening knowing you have the right information that proves the value of the online catalog that Dirxion created for you.


Written by Mark Thomas