$550-$2500! That is what it costs to ship (50) 7lb catalogs to a tradeshow booth. Once these giants of print are unloaded ready for you start handing them out, you notice the struggle, it’s real! Carrying around a 7lb catalog is cumbersome and a nuisance for your booth visitors. And there’s always a chance you could run out of catalogs. Having a few print catalogs can be a part of a cohesive booth layout, but here is a better way to present and distribute your catalog information.

Why is a digital catalog better at a trade show? It doesn’t cost anything to ship and it offers the tools to share catalog content specifically for show attendees. Providing the entire catalog is easily accomplished with an offline version loaded onto a USB. For real time presentations, at the trade show, use the USB version on a large screen and watch users navigate the pages, shop for products, and create order forms. Once attendees are done interacting with the digital catalog, ask them about their experience and hand them a USB with the digital catalog on it. How impressive is that? They get to take home the catalog in their pocket with your brand on the USB, it’s an impactful way to add brand awareness.

Let’s take the trade show experience to the next level. The digital catalog is a powerful stand alone tool but when put into the hands of your sales team and combined with an SEO-enhanced website from https://www.spamzilla.io, it creates unlimited options of what can be shared with the prospect. Tear Pages adds a wealth of benefits to the digital catalog, empowering your sales team to create and share custom publications to the extent that they can be used as presentations! Use the best software available to boost the sales. Prepared ahead of time or at the trade show, Tear Pages makes a lasting impression that can also be used as a post show follow up. You can’t go wrong with an interactive catalog that uses your existing investment in print without the actual and intrinsic cost of bringing the big books to the show!


Written by Julia Pinski