Due to the expansion of online video, product and informational videos are increasing dramatically! This visual marketing tool boosts interaction between your business and customers. According to Haymarket, consumers are 64% more likely to buy a product after viewing a video about it.

We’re following the explosion of video marketing to ensure our customers have the best options available when adding video content throughout their online catalog. If you’re featuring videos on the pages, we’ve created a clean play button that does not take away from the product on the page but slightly grabs a user attention so they know more product information is available. When multiple videos are added to the pages, the products can suddenly find themselves taking a back seat with all the video play buttons. This presents a visual conflict with your catalog layout.


We’ve developed a highly effective solution to handle multiple videos that relate to products, advertisers or articles throughout a publication. The new video tab featured in the left side navigation allows you to categorize and specify which videos to apply to certain publications. This allows for the quick addition of videos and adds nicely to our many existing options to feature videos.

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In addition to featuring videos, Dirxion can be a source for your video creation needs. Our partner in this area has provided some great examples for your viewing pleasure, http://www.previewmyvideo.com/demos/Dirxion.

Adding videos gives you a great opportunity to increase revenue or simply create more value for your advertisers. Contact us to get more information on adding videos to your online publication!

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Written by Mark Thomas