Dirxion is transforming the way people access written information by providing cost-effective digital publishing solutions that leverage and optimize print online.

Founded in 1996 by a team of innovative software engineers, Dirxion pioneered the notion that technology and print could unite to form a dynamic and effective medium for publishers of all kinds: Digital Publications. Beginning with the White & Yellow pages and working our way across publisher lines, we have helped numerous publishers reduce their costs while simultaneously redistributing their content to increase the reach and effectiveness of their print.

Our strength lies in our ability to develop innovative software applications, moving an idea from concept to reality. We continue to grow our business by working with our customers to develop creative enhancements for all of our product lines. Our commitment to innovation, excellence and our community remains our top priority.

Dirxion is headquartered in St. Louis, MO and partners with over 180 publishers from around the world.

Why Dirxion?

  • Competitive pricing
  • Crisp image quality
  • Rich product features
  • Customization
  • Usage tracking reports
  • Commitment to service