Speaking of the “web 2.0” world, amateur video marketing has really exploded across the B-2-B and B-2-C realms. If you run a business that doesn’t have some form of a marketing/promotional video on a popular site like YouTube, then you’re definitely falling behind the times! YouTube (and many smaller ‘niche’ video sites) allow you to upload amateur videos for just about anything revolving around your business, and by doing so, you stand a chance at jumping into the “viral” marketing arena, where one mention on a popular site or on TV of your video can send tens of thousands of visitors to your video, which in turn can send those people straight to your web site assuming they’re interested in your product/service.

Creating a video isn’t that difficult, and you certainly don’t have to hire a professional production crew or anything like that (unless you want to). Just find someone within your company that knows audio/visual editing, and who is handy with a camera, and you can have a potentially viral video up in a matter of hours. Showing your customers what your product/service does visually will definitely help sales, and can increase exposure and trust.

As Terry Jukes from CatalogSuccess.com said:

“All this is changing online business shoppers’ expectations. I dare predict that a year from now your Web site will be “old technology” if you don’t have videos that inform visitors of your products and/or services. It should also include videos from your customers showing how they use your products.”

Couldn’t agree more. Showing videos on your site (especially ones uploaded by customers) is an outstanding way to convince potential buyers. It gives current customers a sense of ownership when they’re able to submit something that they made which in turn helps out others who are curious about whatever product the video talks about. It’s a real win-win for everyone, and again, if you’re not making videos right now, it’s never too late to hop on the marketing video bandwagon.

Just in case you do not have anyone in house that can do a video for you, or perhaps you’re looking for something more professional, we highly recommend you take a look at MediaMobz.com, which is a huge community full of people that would love to produce your next video. You can post your job for free, and reach thousands of potential producers for your video. This is a great option if you need to outsource your video, and you can really find some highly talented folks there. Check it out!

Also, we’ll leave you with a fantastic list of websites where you can safely and easily upload videos for increased exposure (this awesome list is courtesy of ReelSEO.com, a great resource for online video marketing):

Written by Mark Thomas