TearPages On Demand (TPOD) now supports a feature for “high volume” TPOD users that print a lot.  TPOD can now set users up to have blank pages automatically inserted after the cover of all TearPages Studies.  This enables “double sided” printing of the content so the TearPages Study looks more like a book when it is output to print.

Many users that depend on TPOD on a daily basis output pages for use on sales calls.  Their goal in outputting to print is to give the advertiser something that resembles the book, but only contains the focused content that is relevant to that advertiser.  They turn to TPOD to generate this content because:

a) It saves them a ton of time over manually ripping up books or photocopying, and

b) The print output of the TPOD pages pops with incredible color and helps sell the printed book more effectively

For those users, TPOD can now provide the option of setting them up so a blank page is inserted directly after the cover. This way, the user does not have to do any gymnastics with the printer or with Acrobat to generate the content the way they would like to have it delivered to the advertiser.

TPOD is dedicated to helping its users save time and sell more effectively.  To do this, the challenge is to present new features in a way that is easy for the busy sales rep to understand and use.  If you are a directory customer of Dirxion and your users are not using TPOD, you are seriously missing a big benefit of working with Dirxion.  Please contact your customer service representative or e-mail us to get set up.

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