We’ve been talking about adding video to your digital publication for some time now, but lately it seems that retailers are actually beginning to catch on to power of video as an online sales tool. Are you?

Online selling is hard enough. Shoppers don’t have the luxury of “strolling the isles, handling items, speaking to clerks, and receiving well placed merchandising messages.” E-commerce merchants must find innovative ways to engage, educate and entertain the online shopper. Of course, digital catalogs serve as an excellent medium to do just that, but adding video to the mix is icing on the cake. Videos actively demonstrate what words simply cannot. Below are two articles backing up this claim. If you’re at all interested in online video, then you should find this content pretty motivating.

Through sharing this information with you, our hope is that you realize the power of online video and use it to transform your digital catalog into a true multimedia platform.

Retailers Take Note: Video Sells!

Video Boosts Sales For Online Retailers

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