Dirxion’s newest version of its digital directory solution takes digital publishing to the next level. Entirely Flash-based, EdgeClix comes with amazing speed, boundless customization and a consistent user experience across all platforms.

Besides looking pretty snazzy, there are at least ten more EdgeClix features that will leave you wanting more! Take a look at some of the major highlights of our new EdgeClix platform:

  1. Animated and highly customizable welcome page.
  2. Textured backgrounds or wallpaper behind the directory for enhanced customization.
  3. Improved video and audio effects.
  4. Ability to embed Flash animations.
  5. Ability to immediately go to a page when results are returned.
  6. Automatic zooming of search results when clicked.
  7. Ability to print an individual ad.
  8. Hand grab control feature, which allows you to easily navigate a page by clicking and holding your left mouse on a page.
  9. Spanish, French, Chinese, German and Japanese interfaces with more available upon request.
  10. Uniform platform between Online/CD/USB/Download.

Below is a screenshot of the Gold Leaf digital directory which was developed using our new EdgeClix platform. It looks sharp, and is jam packed with a lot of the cool features mentioned above.

If you’d like to see EdgeClix in action, Gold Leaf is an excellent example and will give you a better idea of what EdgeClix is all about. Take note of the enhanced video features and super-friendly user experience.

To find out more about EdgeClix for directories, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or give us a call at: (888) 391-0202

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