The last few days in Palm Springs, CA, have seen the temperature soar over 100 degrees. Fortunately, when we hosted the Dirxion Open at the ADP last week, it was a mild 70-80 degrees.

The Association of Directory Publishers is an organization of independent Yellow Page publishers that meet up twice per year to review industry trends, learn about new product offerings, and strategize about how to best present Yellow Page advertising. The last 6-12 months has seen the industry take a few punches from media outlets claiming that Yellow Pages is a dying industry. A couple of items we saw at the ADP shows that a directory still offers a lot of value. Better yet, a combination of a directory and an effective internet presence provides even more value.

Recently, Knowledge Networks completed a study that showed nearly half (48%) of consumers report print Yellow Pages as the resource they turn to most often for information on a business or service, and more than three-quarters (77%) use the print Yellow Pages overall. Search engines (49%) are the second most turned to source, followed by Online Yellow Pages (36%). It was also interesting to see the relatively low impact of mobile search (5%), and social networking sites (3%) in consumers finding local businesses. These are fantastic numbers for the Yellow Pages industry.

The challenge for the Yellow Page publisher, as we hear from them, is offering a quality print directory as well as an online publication that sets them apart from the competition. In the ultra competitive Yellow Pages advertising industry, there can be anywhere from 2-10 competitors in one market – not to mention competitive coupon vendors, non-print IYP’s, and search engines.

When publishers turn to Dirxion, they are looking for something that supports the investment they have in the print publication. Not only that, they are looking for a product that is easy for users to find the information they are looking for and provides opportunities to sell online advertising. With over eighty Yellow Page publishers providing feedback from both their sales and marketing teams, Dirxion has developed the EdgeClix 7.0 format that was introduced at the ADP.

What makes Edge Clix better for Yellow Page Publishers:

– Full flash interface uses the latest technology available, providing faster search results and load time
– Greater emphasis on new and premium advertisers
– Better support for Flash animated display ads
– New audio and video player capabilities
– Unique interface with background effects
– Hand grab control when zoomed in
– Greater SEO capabilities to get your advertisers found on the Internet
– And as always, it supports the print unlike any other list based based Internet Yellow Pages

In addition to the new EdgeClix platform, Dirxion introduced new products that publishers could sell to their advertisers that would result in increased usage of the online directory. The first is the production and management video ads. Through our partnership with Media Mobz, we have developed several models for selling video ads that will drive revenue for yellow page publishers with very small effort on the part of the publisher.

Our second offering is a Search Engine Marketing platform that can be used by publishers to drive sponsored search engine results into the online directory. We are also giving publishers the ability to sell SEM campaigns to their advertisers, again with very little effort on the publishers end.

As we get back to work from a very busy ADP, we want to thank our customers for their continued business and the ADP for their support of online Yellow Page publications.

Written by Mark Thomas