Ever heard of Dickinson, ND? No? Well, most of us hadn’t either until we started serving Badlands Directory Company, which serves Southwest North Dakota, as well as portions of South Dakota & Montana. Using our very new Search Engine Marketing platform, we recently provided a SEM campaign for Badlands Directory Company, helping them become more than just a little place on a big map.

Our first task was to determine if people were searching for a local yellow pages site in communities covered by Badlands Directory Company. Using a wide range of keywords, keyword phrases, powerful ad copy, and targeting the search engine results to show up in their region, we have seen a dramatic increase in site usage. Over a 30-day period, page views are up 36 percent, URL click-thrus are up 71 percent and overall activity within the online phone book is up an astounding 57 percent.

As with any SEM campaigns, we continue to monitor it’s progress. By doing this, we can identify underperforming keywords or ad variations. We can also identify what to target in future campaigns. The next step is to identify categories that are being searched in the Badlands Yellow Pages and target those in future campaigns.

The bottom line: A SEM campaign can add significant value to an online publication, especially in its infancy. For more information about how you can use Dirxion’s Search Engine Marketing platform to boost your presence, please contact us at 866.391.0202 or sales@dirxion.com.

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