recently conducted a study on how consumers search for local business information. They found that the printed Yellow Pages still hold a significant search market share, so significant that they rank second only to search engines on the internet. Yet, when asked to rank their overall level of trust of various advertising mediums, consumers cited the Yellow Pages as the most trusted source of advertising – above newspapers, consumer opinions, and far above the advertisements found in the more frequently used search engines.

What does this mean?

1.) Consumers use search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo because they are convenient, not because they believe a search engine will deliver more trusted local business results than the Yellow Pages.

2.) There is value in your print advertising program. Businesses are constantly trying to gain a consumer’s trust because branding can play a significant role in the final purchase decision.

If the printed Yellow Pages already have the most credibility, but more consumers are choosing the convenience of search engines over that trust, then it only makes sense for directory publishers to make their book(s) more accessible online. And if consumers trust the advertising as laid out in the printed Yellow Pages more so than any other sources of advertising, including online banners and search engine advertising, then it only makes even more sense for publishers to go online while preserving that same advertising blue print.

Our digital directory product mirrors the look and feel of the printed Yellow Pages. This allows publishers to capitalize on the element of convenience, while maintaining the traditional user experience. And because we don’t sacrifice the characteristics that make Yellow Pages ads so distinguished, our digital directory solution creates even more value for local business advertisers looking to build upon that unique trust with consumers.

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