The largest independent publisher of yellow pages, Yellowbook, arguably has the most complete source of local business information that’s presented online, on phones and in print. Now, when travelers need something at a moment’s notice and don’t have access to the aforementioned, they can still get the information they need, because Yellowbook has extended their digital directory services to airport kiosks.

For the initial rollout, Yellowbook will place five kiosks in strategic locations throughout the Tulsa International Airport – two in the baggage claim and three in the concourses. The Yellowbook kiosks will offer travelers a convenient way to search local Tulsa information by business name or category. Once they find the phone number or address they need, users can then send that listing directly to their cell phone via text message utilizing our newly integrated T3 feature (Touch to Text) for an added convenience.

As useful as these kiosks will be for travelers, they will be equally beneficial to Yellowbook and their local business advertisers. The kiosk placement program not only helps expand the visibility of a local yellow pages brand, but also connects a superlative audience directly to businesses, generating even more value out of a publisher’s advertising program. Kiosks also deliver multiple attractive opportunities for publishers to not only recuperate their costs but gain additional revenue through premium ad placement services – because when a kiosk is not in use, it’s an LCD billboard. Dirxion’s full-service kiosk placement gives yellow pages publishers the ability to quickly and easily deliver their information-rich, local content to yet another place where its going to be needed.

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