Local business search. Here’s an interesting scenario to consider. Given the option to use the look and feel digital yellow pages on their computer or as an iPhone or Android app on their mobile phone, today’s average consumer would be most likely to choose which local search platform?

My answer – The mobile app. Why?  Pretty simple, convenience. If I’m not already working on my computer, then I’m certainly not going to boot the thing up to do a search. Anyway, most people now have their phone on them at all times. If I can pull my phone out and with the push of one button have access to a complete database of my local directory information, then I’m definitely not going to spend even a little bit of time flipping through the pages of a book, scanning, hunting for what I need.

Search and internet access is rapidly moving in the direction of mobile devices. And when I say internet access I’m not limiting that to conventional internet browsers. The data numbers being pulled from applications on the countless number of available smart phones are growing exponentially. The internet has already changed business search, but even the future of the “internet” as we know it is changing because of mobile devices and their still relatively new app-based delivery platform.

For those mobile mavens in your demographic, like myself, it’s worth your while to consider a mobile solution. Not only is it extraordinarily convenient, it’s also a pretty inexpensive way to deliver your listings and local business ads. To see it for yourself, here are two examples of local business directories apps and one example of a mobile website offered by Dirxion.

Elijay Telephone Company
iPhone App –  Android App

Downey Publishing
iPhone App –  Android App –  Mobile Website

Super Yellow Pages
Mobile Website

Local Edge
Mobile Website

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