In the publishing business, there is nothing more valuable than page real estate. Every page is deliberately designed to maximize space. But too much clutter and you can lose the reader. Too little, you lose your message. Plus, printing does not come cheap so the amount of pages you work into your publication is a game of strategy. And once those files are sent to the printer, you’re locked in for better or worse until the next edition.

But what if there is more information to share? What if you want to include more product images than space allows or perhaps a 3D view, which is impossible in print? What if there is a change to the product or its pricing? What if an advertiser wants to highlight something about their business that’s not in the original ad? What if an advertiser’s address or phone number changes with several months before the next print edition comes out? What if an advertiser has purchased an enhanced business profile page in the middle of the year and would like to direct consumers to that page without having to wait for the next publication? These questions, among others, were the driving forces behind the creation of “More Info” icons.

If you have a need to display more information, there’s a simple way to do it without creating page clutter or work on your behalf. Let us help! See two uses of animated “More Info” icons below.

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